June 22 - Hotel Normandie (605 Normandie Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90005) and June 23 - The Globe Theatre (740 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90014)




  1. Samaco Films
    Having produced 20 successful indie films (with another 2 being released this year), Samaco seems to have found the formula to guide a project from script to screen. So when Samaco says they want family-friendly projects, they aren’t just blowing smoke. In fact, Samaco is currently in development on THREE PROJECTS they found at last year’s Great American PitchFest.
  2. register-now-button-pilll-red-hiSeeking feel-good, coming-of-age, heartfelt family films in the $1.5m – $4m range, Brittany House has produced GROWING UP SMITH (aka GOOD OL’ BOY) for Good Deed Entertainment. They are particularly interested in writers who work from the heart. The academics of writing are of less interest to them than a story that touches them.
  3. Gilliard Media Group
    With an enviable acting resume (24, INCEPTION, RED EYE, COACH CARTER, and more), Carl Gilliard is now looking to produce Faith-Based, Documentary, and family movies, specifically dealing with relationships and marriage. He already has a slate in development, and is attending the Great American PitchFest looking to add your project.
  4. Odyssey Networks
    Odyssey_Networks_logoCarrying the banner of family and faith projects all over the world, Odyssey Networks is responsible for:MAGIC STOCKING, LOVE’S COMPLICATED, THE SHUNNING, THE CONFESSION, THE RECKONING, FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE,STRANDED IN PARADISE, LOVE COMES SOFTLY, LOVE’S ENDURING PROMISE, THE NOTETHE NOTE II: TAKING A CHANCE ON LOVE, THE NOTE III: NOTES FROM THE HEART HEALER for the Hallmark Channel.NEWTOWN, a documentary that made its theatrical debut at Sundance 2016.THE AMERICAN BIBLE CHALLENGE on GSN.And more.They seek socially-conscious TV drama, Family-friendly MOWs, Christmas MOWs, and Mystery series suitable for Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.
  5. Whitney Davis Literaryregister-now-button-pilll-red-hi
    A manager with heart seeking writers with heart, Whitney Davis is just the representation you want carrying your flag as you launch your screenwriting career. Whitney is not the kind of Manager who will just show up when it’s time to collect her percentage. She is the kind of Manager who is genuinely excited about her clients’ material, who believes in their work, and will move mountains to get them meetings. Whitney represents both screenwriters and novelists, so if you’ve got a book to adapt or sell, make sure to visit her table at the Great American PitchFest.
  6. Paradigm Talent Agencyparadigm-talent-agency-new-logo
    With four reps looking for new writers at The Great American PitchFest, Paradigm is looking for a little bit of everything, including family-friendly and faith-based projects. Impressing Paradigm requires the same skill-set as making it in the Industry (and the world) as a whole: Determination, confidence, and faith. Do you have what it takes to become a Paradigm client? Come to the Marriott Burbank next Sunday to make your pitch!
  7. Cross Creek Pictures
    Family-friendly projects aren’t all melodrama. Specifically seeking action/adventure appropriate for families (a la THE GOONIES), Cross Creek has produced blockbusters, box office smashes, Oscar-winners, and high-flying adventures. When “fun for the whole family” means a grand time for mom, dad and the kiddos alike, Cross Creek may be the perfect home for your project.
  8. The Charlotte Gusay Literary Agency
    Having signed a novelist from last year’s event, Charlotte Gusay’s agency is thrilled to return for more at this year’s GAPF. Seeking good stories told well, the Gusay Agency represents mostly novelists (80% novels, 20% screenplays). They want relevant material. Relevant socially, relevant emotionally, relevant in terms of story. Stories that impact the reader. They have had luck with non-fiction, and keep an open mind on just about every subject.
  9. register-now-button-pilll-red-hiRumination Films
    Rumination is taking a short breather from pitching networks and studios to stop by the Great American PitchFest to look for their next big project. They are open to a wide variety of genres, but have specifically mentioned Family and Faith-Based projects. They want to work with writers who have developed their craft, and who understands the market they are trying to sell in. If you can turn around notes in a rapid manner on your material, Rumination should make your MUST PITCH list.
  10. The Reeves Group
    Seeking Faith-Based and Animal stories, The Reeves Group is an independent production company who works with distributors and sales agents to assure their projects are financed and distributed. They encourage you to be ready to pitch more than one script — you never know which of your projects will appeal to the exec.​

There are many more companies seeking family-friendly fare. For the latest list of participating companies and complete profiles, visit the Great American PitchFestpage of www.scriptfest.com.

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