Steve Oedekerk

Steve Oedekerk

Steve Oedekerk, is an Academy Award-nominated writer, director, producer, actor and stand-up comedian. He has written and directed films that have grossed over $1.9 billion in worldwide box office, including such blockbusters as Bruce Almighty, the Ace Ventura franchise, The Nutty Professor, and Patch Adams. He received an Academy Award nomination for his producing and creative leadership role on Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. With the addition of the CG animated feature Barnyard along with its Emmy Award winning TV series, Oedekerk has created a successful template for turning hit animated feature films into long running hit television series.

Also excelling in the coveted youth demographic, Oedekerk has created cult franchise properties, whose audiences continue to grow with each passing year. From his initial indy feature film High Strung, and his Thumb filmettes, including Thumb Wars and Thumbtanic, to writing, directing and starring in the wild retro-martial arts comedy Kung Pow: Enter the Fist, Oedekerk has a steadily growing base of Oedefans, who religiously await, track down and tune in to his right-brained creations.

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