Pamela Jaye Smith

Pamela Jaye Smith

PAMELA JAYE SMITH is a writer, international consultant and speaker, and award-winning writer-producer-director. Her script The Cuban Circuit was a winner at the Bahamas Intl. Film Festival 2015. She is the author of The Power of the Dark Side, Inner Drives, Symbols.Images.Codes, Beyond the Hero’s Journey, Show Me the Love, and Romantic Comedies (Nov 2016). Pamela is the founder of MYTHWORKS and co-founder of Mythic Challenges and the Alpha Babe Academy. Clients and credits include Fox, Microsoft, Paramount, Disney, Universal, RAI-TV Rome, National Film School of Denmark, LA and Marseille WebFests, Romance Writers of America, Children’s Book Writers LA, and many more. Pamela is a frequent jurist and panelist for script contests and film festivals. She is the myth expert for the Special Features on Fox’s ICE AGE: Continental Drift movie.

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