Bill Martell

Bill Martell

William C. Martell is the West Coast Editor of Scr(i)pt Magazine where he has written the “Independents” screenwriting column for over a decade. He’s also a contributor to Writer’s Digest Magazine, wrote the Screenwriting 101 column for the Independent Film Channel Magazine, and was the only non-nominated screenwriter mentioned on “Siskel & Ebert’s If We Picked The Winners” Oscar show in 1997. In 1998 he wrote “The Secrets of Action Screenwriting”. He was on the jury of the Raindance Film Festival (London) in 2001 (with director Mike Figgis and actress Saffron Burrows) and again in 2004.

Mr. Martell has been interviewed in Variety (February 24, 1997), featured in The Hollywood Reporter’s first Writers Special Issue (February 1994), was the cover interview in The Hollywood Scriptwriter(October 1996), and was interviewed in the first issue of ScreenTalk Magazine (Denmark).

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