Three Rules for Powerful Characters

24 Jun 2017
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Academy Four

Three Rules for Powerful Characters

Learn the difference between ‘human’ and ‘humane’ and why it’s crucial to selling your script.


Characters in dramatic narratives do not need to be friendly gosh-all-golly nice, upbeat people. Indeed, they can be lowlife scumbags, unprincipled barbarians, betrayers, murderers, and thieves. All will work out just fine of they are not humane but human.

In this workshop, Richard Walter will:


–          Provide examples of why humane characters fall flat and why writers fall into the trap of writing ‘nice’ people into their scripts

–          The crucial emotional difference for the audience between the REAL vs. REEL world of screenplays and the characters who drive their narratives

–          Key strategies to create a screenplay rife with conflict by setting up character narratives that integrate with the central storyline of the film