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Executive Luncheon $75

Don’t miss one of our most popular networking events, held on Sunday, June 25, where you dine with a table of industry execs for an entire hour, and enjoy a delicious, three course meal with your new best friends in the biz (Approximately 2-4 Execs and 2-4 Writers per table). Approximately 100 Executives attend this luncheon, with only 100 luncheon tickets available to writers. You must be registered for the Great American PitchFest and have a lunch ticket to attend. The luncheon sells out, so please purchase your ticket early to avoid disappointment.

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Executive Directory (Hard Copy) $50

Each year, a directory is published with all of the names, contact information, and details about the various companies who are hearing pitches at the Great American PitchFest.  The HARD COPY of this valuable directory is something writers use for many years to come, and will help you to instantly find the information you need during the event.  Use it to quickly look up what each company is looking for so that you can target your pitches, and make the most efficient use of your time at the event.

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Pitch Boot Camp $25

Whip your pitch into shape at Pitch Boot Camp! Never pitched before? After this session, you will be a pro! Make new friends as you practice your pitch, learn from others as you hear theirs, and hone your script to its most powerful and pitch-worthy perfection.

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Private Consultations $75

You can meet private for a half hour meeting with one of our guest speakers. Ask them for advice, to review the first page of your script, or practice your pitch on them – whatever you like. It’s your meeting, so use it however you want.

Private Consultations are available on a first purchased, first booked basis. You can purchase a Private Consultation through the á la carte section of the order form. (NB: If you have purchased a Gold or Platinum Pass your Private Consultation is included.)

Once you have purchased your Private Consultation, a representative from the PitchFest will contact you to schedule your meeting as the event draws closer (approximately two weeks before the event). You can meet with the consultant of your choice and all meetings are booked at a time that works for both of you. Should the consultant or time of your choice not be available, a full refund will be returned to your credit card.

Consultants’ availability is subject to change.
Private consultations will be scheduled on a first come/first served basis.

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Friday Master Class: CONSTRUCT YOUR TV SERIES $50

Break story on your pilot and construct your new series in this Master Class Intensive from
Pilar Alessandra and Carole Kirschner.


Identify the tone, scope and world of your series.
Break story on your original pilot.
Make decisions about structure.
Define your characters and relationships.
Explore episode and arc potential.
Pitch your new series, break story on your pilot and discover episode potential with Pilar Alessandra.
Learn the ropes of the TV business, the realities of the series sale and the intricacies of the writers room with Carole Kirschner.

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Super Stories Studio Workshop: $150

The entertainment market place is rapidly changing and is forcing writers and producers in all industries to find a new way forward and to stand out in an over-saturated market. Houston Howard and Steve Mitchell’s Super Story session will empower creative minds to take an initial concept and develop it to its full potential and teaches them how to build a robust story architecture primed for 21st Century expansion and survival.

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